U of U Shoot-for-Loot

Enter for a shot at $600. Make that four shots.

University Credit Union wants to give you a chance to win $600 during the next University of Utah basketball home game as our Shoot-for-Loot contestant.

You'll get two tickets to the game. During a break in the game, you'll be escorted onto the court and given 30 seconds to make three shots: a layup worth $50, a free throw worth $100 and a 3-pointer worth $150. Make all three and become $300 richer. But wait, there's more. After your 30 seconds, we give you one more shot from half court. Sink that one and we'll double the amount you've already won.

Don't worry, if you miss the half court shot you won't lose any of your 30 second total winnings. If you don't make any shots at all we'll still give you $50 just for being a good sport.

Contestant will be contacted during the week of the game to make proper arrangements. Each contestant will be required to meet a representative of Utah Sports Properties at a designated area and time. We reserve the right to replace late contestants.

For safety reasons, only enter this contest if you feel you have the athletic ability to be comfortable in that environment. A waiver must be signed before you compete.

One entry per person, all entries will stay in contention for the duration of the season and might be drawn for any game. Contestants must be 18 years or older, ID will be required.

U of U Grab-a-Grand

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