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Home Equity Line of Credit in Utah

Equity for your projects and emergencies

calculate home equity line of creditA Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), sometimes referred to as a second mortgage, is a revolving line of credit that can be used in case of emergencies, short term expenses, medical bills, home renovations and more.* As a qualified Utah homeowner, your home equity line of credit typically results in lower interest rates and revolving credit, meaning you can continue to borrow and pay back as much as you'd like within your draw period.

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1.99% APR is something to celebrate!

  • 1.99% APR for 6 months 1
  • Borrow up to 100% of your home’s value
  • No closing, appraisal, credit report, or origination fees on loan amounts under $250,000

Our HELOC Options:

Standard HELOC

With our standard Home Equity Line of Credit, you pay 1% of the principal amount monthly (minimum $50)

Interest-Only HELOC

With our interest-only HELOC, you pay the monthly interest on the amount you have borrowed (minimum $50)** 

 University Federal Credit Union offers competitive HELOC rates in Utah giving you immediate use of funds for your projects or emergencies. Apply today for low-interest on your home equity line of credit in Utah!

Apply for 1.99% APR Today current heloc rates

*University Credit Union HELOC's have a 10 year draw period followed by a 10 year repayment period. Minimum line of credit is $5,000 with a $100 minimum advance. Fees will be incurred if HELOC is closed within 24 months of its origination date.  Homeowner insurance will be verified.

**Variable interest will be based on the prime rate plus a margin. For example, a prime rate of 3.25% plus a margin of 0.5% would result in an interest rate of 3.75% APR. Because prime is a variable rate; as it changes, the APR on your account will also change. The maximum APR that can apply is 18.00%. Minimum interest rate over the life of the loan is 3.74%. See rates table for current HELOC rates. Closing costs waived include origination, processing, underwriting, tax service, appraisal, credit report, and title fees.

1  After 6 months, a variable-rate APR as low as 4.25% will apply (depending on your credit and loan to value).