New Online Banking! | Salt Lake City, UT - West Jordan, UT - Sandy, UT | University FCU

At-A-Glance Overview Page

When you log in, you'll find a brand new user friendly account page.

User-Friendly Navigation

On the left is the navigation. Click around and try out all of your different options. We love the ease of use with our new navigation...

Friends & Family Access Control


You decide what friends and family have access to. If there are certain accounts you want hidden from specific individuals, you now have the control to choose which accounts you want hidden from each joint account holder. You can also choose to give friends or family access to any of your accounts, even if they are not listed as a joint owner.

Joint-Owner Logins


Our new Account Overview feature allows you to see all your University Credit Union accounts you have access to in one place. And no more having to share logins. Each joint owner will have their own login and will see only those accounts they have access to.