Fraud Reporting

Fraud Reporting

Protect your identity

We take protecting your identity very seriously at University Credit Union. If you ever suspect fraudulent activity related to your accounts or identity, please contact us immediately for help.

Suspicious Messages or Calls

If you have received suspicious emails, texts, or phone calls claiming to be the University Credit Union, please notify us immediately at 801-481-8800 or e-mail to verify your account and to report suspicious activity.

Stolen or Forged Checks

If your checks are lost or stolen, notify us immediately at 801-481-8800, then visit your local branch to obtain a new account number. You should also document the theft by filing a police report at the station located closest to the site where the checks were stolen.

For forged checks, bring a list of any checks that have been forged to your local branch, then document the forgery by filing a police report at the station located closest to the site where the check was passed.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Call us at 801-481-8850 to report a lost or stolen Visa Card, or visit one of our branches and we can block your card and issue you a new one immediately.  More Info

Lost or Stolen IDs

If your driver’s license or ID is lost or stolen, notify us immediately at 801-481-8800. You are also encouraged to get in touch with the nearest Driver’s License Division for assistance in getting a replacement.

Identity Theft

If you are a victim of an attack on your personal information or attempted identity theft, call the Social Security Administration Fraud Line at 1-800-269-0271.

Learn about Identify Theft Protection

More Resources

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