Check your credit once a year

Although many consumers do not know this, once a year you can get a free credit report from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. This is a great way to monitoring credit activity and protect yourself from identity theft.

Credit reports are helpful in providing information that affects your ability to get a loan. Use your credit report to ensure all information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date, giving you the freedom to apply for the loan that best fits your needs.

How Do I Request a Free Credit Report?

Online – Visit to verify your identity to view and print your report once every 12 months at no cost

By Phone – Go through a simple verification process via phone and have your reports mailed to you. Call 1-877-FACTACT (toll-free)

By Mail – Fill out a Credit Report request form and mail it to:
  Annual Credit Report Request Service
  P.O. Box 105281
  Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

These free credit reports do not include my credit score – what do I do?

You can request your credit score during the process of obtaining your free credit report for a fee if you choose to do so.