What to do when your card is lost or stolen

In the event that your debit or credit card is lost, stolen or fraudulently tampered with, we will block your card to keep you safe and quickly issue a replacement.

Contact us immediately to report a lost or stolen Visa Card:

  • Call University Credit Union Card Services at (801) 481-8850
  • Visit any branch location
  • We will block your old card and issue you a new one immediately

I received a phone call from VISA about alerts on my account – what do I do?

VISA Risk Management may contact you to alert you of suspicious activity on your VISA card. We work with VISA on a daily basis to monitor and protect our members’ accounts.

Call us at (801) 481-8850 to discuss VISA alerts on your account. We will validate the alert and research any suspicious transactions/activity that may have occurred. You may also visit any branch location.

Additional Resources

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