We've got you covered

Have you ever made a purchase and then realized you didn’t have enough in your account to cover the purchase? Here are three options to help you should an overdraft ever occur.

Connect your checking account to your Primary Savings account

If your balance drops below zero, funds can be pulled automatically from your Primary Savings to cover the purchase. This can happen up to six times per month, and is a free option available with any of our personal checking accounts.

Apply and qualify for an Overdraft Line of Credit

An Overdraft Line of Credit is a loan that helps protect your checking account from overdraft fees. It kicks in when a transaction overdraws your account. Once an overdraft has occurred, this credit line automatically transfers the funds necessary to cover the transaction in your checking. This option requires a loan application in order to determine eligibility.


Courtesy Pay*

Courtesy Pay is a service we offer on consumer checking accounts that covers the cost of transactions when the available balance in a checking account is insufficient. Courtesy Pay goes into effect after all other overdraft options have been exhausted and covers transactions that would otherwise be returned due to an insufficient available balance. Coverage for up to -$500 is activated 60 days after the account has been opened on all personal checking accounts where the primary account holder is at least 18 years old.

There is no cost to take advantage of this service. If you choose to use this, a fee will be assessed per transaction. Refer to our fees page for more information.

Opt-In Requirement

Courtesy Pay will not cover debit card transactions unless you choose to opt in. For more information on Courtesy Pay and how to opt in, please download and review the Courtesy Pay disclosure form.

download form

*Courtesy Pay: Primary account holder must be 18 years of age.  Member must be in good standing (including no delinquent loans, active bankruptcies, abuse, charged-off loans or shares, etc.). 

Available Balance, Debit Card Holds and Transaction Posting

We use the available balance when determining whether a transaction will cause your account to overdraw and for charging Courtesy Pay and NSF fees.


Authorization holds for debit card transactions impact your available balance in your checking account. For example, if you conduct an online transaction with your debit card or choose “Credit” and sign for a point-of-sale transaction the merchant will send an authorization request and we will reduce your available balance by placing an authorization hold on those funds.


It is important to understand how transactions are handled so that you know how much money you have available in your checking account. To learn more about how credits or deposits of money into your account and debits or payments out of your account are handled, please refer to the information below or contact us if you have specific questions.


Opt-Out of Courtesy Pay Options

You can amend or opt-out of any or all overdraft protection and Courtesy Pay options by calling us at (801) 481-8800.

If you have previously elected to opt-in to Courtesy Pay for debit card transactions, you may revoke your consent for these transactions by calling (801) 481-8800, submitting your request in writing and delivering it to any of our branches, or mailing it to us at Post Office Box 58025, Salt Lake City, Utah 84158.