Online Banking

Access your account online, 24/7

Our online banking service is free, secure, and allows you to manage your account from anywhere you have access to the internet.

Online Banking

This is a convenient way for you to access your account if you can’t get to a branch, and for you to monitor your account any time you want.

  • Check your account balances and monitor transactions 24/7
  • Review recent transactions and view images of checks you have written
  • Transfers funds between your accounts or to another member
  • Make loan payments
  • Track expenses and budget your money
  • View your statements online

Plus, eAlerts!

Our online banking also allows you to receive alerts email or text when certain events that you designate happen on your account. For example, if your checking account balance drops below a certain level, you can automatically be notified.

To sign up for eAlerts:

1. Login to Online Banking
2. Click on the “Alerts” tab
3. Click on an option such as “Add Alert” to manage your alerts
4. When adding an alert, you can choose which e-mail or phone number you want the alert sent to

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